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    • Taldykol', Kazakhstan
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      Baiterek - this is one of the main attractions of the city of Astana. Construction project developed at the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan, to work on them participated one of the most famous and well-known architects - Norman Foster. Volume of earthworks in the construction amounted to about 8600 m³A concrete - 2800 m³. Also, when creating Bajterek were involved in 999 tons of steel. To perform engineering, special and finishing work was drawn 23 subcontractor. Estimated cost glazing facilities amounted to about $ 6 million. Its height is 97 meters, and with a bullet that crowns the construction - 105 meters.

      Lower level Bajterek takes almost five meters under the ground, where the aquariums, cafes and a small gallery "Baiterek". From here you can go up the elevator up to the ball - the topmost level structures, within which is a great bar and a panoramic hall. Beautiful park area that are around the monument, regularly used for various celebrations. In 2010, here organized an international exhibition in Berlin "UNITED Buddy Bears". It were presented 125 works of art created by the best artists from around the world.

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