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    Fountain Tornado

    • Promyshlennyy Rayon, Kazakhstan
    • Fountain Tornado$$
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      Fountain "Tornado" is located on the territory of the Kirov Park, in the city of Uralsk. This is the first and so far only svyatlomuzychny fountain in the country. Morning and afternoon it works as normal and is no different from a simple fountain, which many in Kazakhstan. 

      However, with the onset of darkness you will eyeful. Who sings or tantsuyuschiyfontan works with a variety of musical works and water jet padsvechany different colors. The water in the fountain like dancing to the music, it seems to explode salute, then slowly melts bright drops.

      Everyone who comes to the park to relax and admire the fountain, can take part in creating a unique show and even dance with himself fountain. If you rearrange the music down, and then the jet of water will be your second movement.

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