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    Mountain Siniukha

    • Goluboy Zaliv, Kazakhstan
    • Mountain Siniukha$$
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      The height of the peaks is 947 meters above sea level. The relative height above the lake Ainakol (Big Chebache) - 640 meters. The top of a rocky Sіnyuhі, there are piles. It offers a splendid view of the State National Natural Park Burabai.
      In the name of Kokshetau (Blue Mountain) is the exact place names. On the tops of mountains are constantly roam the clouds with clean air azonirovannim, which give the impression of blue.
      Large boulders scattered in the woods, large tree roots, creeping along the ground, perennial trees and the view from the bird's-eye view is amazing. On the ledge Sіnyuhі breathtaking spectacle, as it is difficult to determine where the line between heaven and earth. Blue lakes seem clouds and the clouds turn into azure blue lakes.

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