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    Cathedral of Christ the Savior

    • Promyshlennyy Rayon, Kazakhstan
    • Cathedral of Christ the Savior$$
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      Christ the Savior Cathedral, located in the Kazakh city of Uralsk, was built in 1891-1907 years in the pseudo-Russian style in honor of 300 years of service to Russia Ural Cossack troops. The first stone of the temple was laid in the presence of Crown Prince Nicholas II, architect of the project was the famous St. Petersburg master VN Chagіn.

      Cathedral of Christ the Savior long served as their primary objectives, because after a few decades, the Soviet government ordered to place in its premises and Planetarium Museum of Atheism. Only in 1990, the temple, which the locals call the Gold, was re-equipped for worship. In 1995, the church of white and red brick was erected large bell Sviatoslav made in Moscow.

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