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    Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

    • Taraz, Kazakhstan
    • Church of the Assumption of Our Lady$$
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      Church of the Assumption of Our Lady is located in the city of Taraz. Land for the church was set aside in 1990, and he was completely built and consecrated in 1998. The project is owned by the abbot of the temple Boris - former world architect and builder. The construction was using traditional construction. In honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church was consecrated in 1993.

      Nave church of Our Lady of the Assumption with white brick domed with a sphere of blue on the top of which is gilded cross. High arched windows are decorated with carved portico. In 2006, the temple was attached chapel, and Today in the church services are held on major holidays and the sacrament of baptism.

      Inside are two respected icons: St. Nicholas and St. Nilus Stolobensky with relics. Also at the temple complex located vodosvyatka and outbuildings: kitchen, refectory, a guard room, garage and other farm buildings. At the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God is open Sunday school.

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