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    Ridge Chingiztau in Kazakhstan

    • Chernovoye, Kazakhstan
    • Ridge Chingiztau in Kazakhstan$$
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    • The highest point is Mount Kosoba (spine Akshatau) - 1305 meters above sea level. The length of the ridge is about 200 kilometers. Small shallow river Bakanas (Kazakh - dry riverbed) and its tributaries originate on the western slopes Chingiztau. 

      Ridge is an anticline (large and complex built complex folds layers of the earth's crust), steeply to the northeast and steps down to the southwest. A similar character have separate sections massif Ulitau Mountains and Kokchetav.

      There is typically mountainous terrain with a strong dismemberment. Characterized by steep rocky slopes, screes, various forms of weathering. The orientation of the ridges is usually associated with raspastsіrannі rocks.

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