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    Literary Memorial House-Museum of Abai

    • Zaimka Bulygina, Kazakhstan
    • Literary Memorial House-Museum of Abai$$
    • +7 7222627721
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      Literary Memorial House-Museum of Abai is located in Semipalatinsk. First, the museum of the great Kazakh poet was opened in 1940 in a two-story house, which previously resided Aniyar Moldabayuly. Abai Kunanbayev once helped him get an education in Russia, and when he received the diploma of a lawyer, returned to his homeland, Abay was a frequent visitor here.

      In 1967, the exposition is converted into a house built in the last quarter of the XIX century, and formerly belonged to the Russian merchants Ershov, who moved to the banks of the Irtysh and Ural. According to the documents, often stayed here a great Kazakh poet and met people exiled to Siberia.

      On the 150th anniversary of Abai museum building united in a common architectural ensemble of the old building of the city administration, which is an old two-storey mansion, and the mosque Ahmet Riza madrasah, where he studied Abay in 1854 - 1859 years.

      The house-museum of the poet Abay is now under state protection and retained its nearly pristine oblik.Pomimo exposure, which tells about the life and work of the poet, the museum has a unique collection of the most ancient books and manuscripts Arabic, Persian, Chagatai, Turkish and even in the Tatar language.

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