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    Literary Museum im.Zh.Zhabaeva

    • Karakastek, Kazakhstan
    • Literary Museum im.Zh.Zhabaeva$$
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      Literary Museum. J. Zhabayev offers visitors to get acquainted with the works of Zhambyl Zhabayev and discover his literary nasledie.On located 70 km from Almaty, in the village of "Museum of Zhambyl" and open to the public since 1947. The museum is a a large complex in whose territory the poet lived Zhambyl Toad.

      On the territory of the museum complex is the home of the poet, office buildings and luxurious garden, a beautiful scenic spot in the depth of which is the mausoleum of Zhambyl Zhabaeva.On surrounded by white marble, which has built himself a poet, architect A. Belotserkovskii. Literary Museum. J. Zhabayev tell visitors about how he lived Zhambyl Frog, and about the time in which the poet lived. February 28, the birthday of Zhambyl Zhabayev, a large number of his fans come to the Literary Museum.

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