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    Markakol Lake

    • Yelovka, Kazakhstan
    • Markakol Lake$$
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    • Markakolsky valley bordered by mountain ranges and Azutau Kurchumsky. On the northeast side it connects Bobrowski depression, and the south-west out over the river in Kaldzhir Zaysanskaga valley. The lake is located at 1,447 meters above sea level. It has the shape of an elongated oval and extends from north-east to south-west. Its length is 38 kilometers and a width of 19 kilometers.

      The total area of ​​the lake is 445 km². The average depth of the lake 14.3 meters, and the very deepest point of the lake is 27 meters. The total length of the beach - 106 kilometers. In the bowl of the lake is 6.5 km³vody. Flows out of the lake is only one river - Kaldzhir and falls about 100 different streams. The main of them is Karabulak, tihushku, Zhirenka, Topolevka, Elovka.

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