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    Markakolsky Reserve

    • Yelovka, Kazakhstan
    • Markakolsky Reserve$$
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    • It was founded in August 1976. It occupies 71.3 thousand hectares of land. Later, the reserve area was expanded with the decree of the Kazakh government. He began to occupy an area of ​​102,979 hectares of land.

      In Markakolsky ZAVETdnike contains 55 species of mammals such as ermine, golden eagle, brown bear, wolf, Solongo, sable, deer, polecat, snow leopard, red deer, otters, moose, mink, wolverines, badgers, weasels, columns, wild boar, and many others . Birds, about 250 species: wild pigeons, black storks, Luni, Sarychev, partridges, grebes, hobby, honey buzzard, owls, ospreys, sandpipers, partridges, black kite, white-tailed eagles, ducks, grouse and others.

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