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    Mausoleum complex Abai-Shakarim

    • Dogolan, Kazakhstan
    • Mausoleum complex Abai-Shakarim$$
    • +7 7222521721
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    • Mausoleum complex Abai-Shakar located in the tract Zhidebay, 178 kilometers north-west of the city of Semey and 25 kilometers from the city guard. Here in the desert, in 1995, the 150th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abai was built mausoleum complex the architect Beck Іbraeva where the burial Abaya Abaya brother - smallpox, his nephew Shakarima, grandmother and mother Zere Ulzhan.

      This package provides a platform length of 200 meters, a width of 65 meters and a height of 5 meters. She height is divided into three tiers, which symbolize the past, present and future. The platform stands majestically towers of white limestone - mevzoley Abaya height of 32 meters and 12 meters in diameter, and the mausoleum Shakarima. Inside the mausoleum floor is paved with mosaics, and the walls are carved the names of 99 saints prorokov.Pri Opencast active mosque, where pilgrims come every year.

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