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    The mosque named Mashkhura Zhusup

    • Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
    • The mosque named Mashkhura Zhusup$$
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      The mosque named Mashkhur Zhusup is located near Victory Park, on the street in the city Kairbaeva Pavlodar.Mechet located in the center of Pavlodar and architecturally, when viewed from the bottom of the ladder-like opening of the heart that is open to peace and goodness. Building the mosque was completed in 2001. The area of ​​the church is more than seven thousand square meters, he also holds up to 1,500 people.

      Distinguish new mosque sky-blue dome as shanyrak, which is crowned by a golden crescent moon and tall minarets and blue majestic staircase. The building of the mosque, built of brick, consists of a main building and minarets. The height of the main the dome is 54 meters, height of minarets - 63 meters. The temple building plan in the shape vasmіkantsovay star, which has a size of 48 by 48 meters.

      Located inside the mosque prayer hall for men with 1200 seats, Women's Hall of Prayer for 300 people, a library, a museum of Islamic culture, dining room, rooms for bathing, video, wardrobes and officials pomescheniya.Ukrashenie mosque - crystal chandelier "Zumrad" of 434 light bulbs made in Tashkent. Architectural structure mosque strikes the eye with its beauty and grandeur, the temple built so that it can be seen from almost any part of the city.

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