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    Memorial Museum "Altynemel" Ch.Valikhanov

    • Shakkanay, Kazakhstan
    • Memorial Museum "Altynemel" Ch.Valikhanov$$
    • +7 7284235294
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      Memorial Museum "Altinemel" Ch.Valikhanov located in the village of shock, Almaty region. The museum was opened in 1985, the 150th anniversary of Ch.Valikhanov descendant Ablai Khan, a prominent Kazakh researcher, ethnographer, brave puteshestvennika.Unikalnoe The museum building was designed by architects S.Rustambekova, B.Ibraeva and A.Seydalina, and architecture of the building with a facade of pink limestone can be seen clearly the tradition of national memorial structures Mazar.

      The four corners of buildings of various sizes, in the center of the beam, which pass "knot of happiness" wreath product of colored cords, according to popular legend it represents all levels of the world. Inside the museum reminds tent with red walls in traditional patterns. 

      The exhibition consists of several sections related to the life and work of Ch.Valikhanov. Is This
      scientific heritage clink Valikhanova, which left a deep mark in the study of history, ethnography, geography, collections of traditional culture and way of life kazahov.Takzhe presents material on the St. Petersburg period, friendly and business relations scientific and literary circles of Russia.

      National costumes Kyrgyz, Uighur, Chinese, jewelry, minerals, collected Ciocanu Valikhanova while traveling. The layout of the estate grandmother Aiganym in Syrymbet where his childhood clink, original tapestry woven by the hands of modern masters and reproduces the famous route of travel scientist organically blend with the exhibits of the time.

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