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    Museum of the History of statehood

    • Astana, Kazakhstan
    • Museum of the History of statehood$$
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      The museum shows the history of the history of the statehood of the Republic of Kazakhstan, here you can also see 315 exhibits and musical folk instruments, an exhibition of paintings, gold and precious metals, ethnographic collection and much more. Museum of History state located in Astana, Kazakhstan, and was opened in 2000.

      Museum of the History of statehood is a branch of the presidential center. In the museum you can learn about the history of Kazakhstan, see exhibitions of artists, past exposure and more. The volume of the areas of all exhibits of the museum is 14 thousand square m. You can visit the Museum of History, the Museum of gold and precious metals, the Museum of Art, the exhibition history of the national culture and literature, as well as the exposure history of independent Kazakhstan.
      The Museum of history of the state and is the ethnographic collection, which will tell you about the life and experiences of farmers, pastoralists, there are vintage kitchen utensils, national instruments carpet, as well as clothing and jewelry.  

      The building is a museum of history of statehood is a library with a reading room, storage facility, a cinema, a lecture hall, a restoration workshop.

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