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    National park Altyn-Emel

    • Altynemel, Kazakhstan
    • National park Altyn-Emel$$
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    • Kazakhstan National Park "Altyn-Emel" shows their large territories in 520,000 of its unique nature, historical and archeological monuments, rare species of animals and plants. Also, this park is valuable for lovers of ecological tourism.

      In the park you can find mountains, sand, clay and desert landscape complexes. In their territories grow a lot of plants (1800 species), including 21 species listed in the Red Data Book of the Kazakh, and among the animals - 56 species. Rare and endangered animal park there are gazelles, Kula and Arkhara.

      The main and most famous attraction of the park is a dune called "singing high sand dunes," which has a height of 120 meters and a length and a half kilometers.

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