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    Office of the Eurasian Group

    • Astana, Kazakhstan
    • Office of the Eurasian Group$$
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      Office of the Eurasian group located on the street Saken Seyfulіnu in Astana. Office building designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, on the left bank Іshymііl, one of the most beautiful areas of the house stolitsi.V housed offices of the Eurasian Bank, newspaper "Express K", Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation and others.

      Magnificent building from glass and concrete in the style of abstract symbolism graced the face of the modern city of Astana, confirmed the priority areas of architectural styles in the construction of Astana: symbiosis, "metabolism" and abstract symbolism. "Having been in Astana, everyone should feel in the West and in the East at the same time," says the mayor of the city, dating back to the philosophical question of the architectural eclecticism of Astana.

      Together with the ultra-modern buildings, such as the Office of the Eurasian Group, and structures are built with bright national color, as evidenced by a "Quarter restaurants" and other building complexes, made in traditional oriental style.  

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