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    River Maly Uzen

    • Ordabay, Kazakhstan
    • River Maly Uzen$$
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    • Small Uzen river flows through the territory of Russia in the Saratov region and the territory of Kazakhstan in the West Kazakhstan region. The river has its source in the Saratov region in the north of the city Ershov. Direction, length of almost 340 kilometers, run parallel Big Uzen river, which it lost in the sandy shores of Reed-Samar lakes.

      In the river with fish, which makes it attractive for tourism and fishing. It is home to several species of fish, including pike, carp, roach, perch and others.
      In the vicinity of the village Kaztalovka situated on the River Maly Uzen in West Kazakhstan region, was captured Emelyan Pugachev, who led the Peasant War of 1773-1775.

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