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    Ural River

    • Peretaska, Kazakhstan
    • Ural River$$
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      Ural River crosses western Kazakhstan from north to south. River differs great length, width, and quite a strong current. The Ural River is rich in valuable fish species and is considered an ideal place for fishing and recreation.

      In the Urals usual myriad of fish, and every fisherman who came to relax and have fun on the river, boasts a rich catch, which includes byalugu, sturgeon, syaўrugu and other valuable fish species. On the banks of the river, if you're lucky, you can get pleasure from the contemplation of the life of the Ural river otter, which is listed in the Red Book of the region in its natural habitat. Also on the banks of the stunning beaches and wild forests with lots of mushrooms and berries.
      Ural River in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan - an ideal place for nature lovers and those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the wild cities.

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