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    TV Tower

    • Sovetskiy Rayon, Kazakhstan
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      Almatsіnskaya Television and Radio Tower (TV Tower "Koktobe") is located in the south-east of the center of Almaty, on the slopes of Mount Kok-Tobe. TV Tower "Koktobe" is one of the most earthquake resistance - seysmaўstoylіvasts tower is 10 points, and high - the height of the tower 371.5 meters - structures in the world.

      It was built in 1975-1983 years by the architect Terzieva, Savchenko and Akimov. At the heart is - reinforced concrete foundation with a three-storey basement, then - the trunk of the tower, with a diameter up to 18.5 meters at the base, 13 and 9 meters in the areas of services Logistics and viewing platforms that are at the height of 146 and 252 meters. At the top - antenna height of 124 meters.

      TV Tower was commissioned June 1, 1984 The underground part provides a bomb shelter.

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