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    • Gosbank, Kazakhstan
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    • Kapchagai located in Almaty region of Kazakhstan. This is one of the largest reservoirs of the republic, the length of 180 kilometers. It was created in 1960 to regulate the flow of the Ili River. Reservoir and dam built hydroelectric power, water flow over time helps to cope with the problem of irrigation of agricultural lands.

      Amazing nature of the reservoir - a true oasis in the desert. Very convenient to Kapchagai by modern highway straight from Almaty. On the east coast is located in Almaty Kapchagai Reserve - One of the most important in the country. From a tourism perspective Kapchagai - one of the most popular destinations for summer beach holidays, as well as excellent fishing. Shores of the reservoir has gentle slopes, and in summer the water warms up very well, it is perfect for families with children. Reservoir built several tourist centers, equipped campsites, locker rooms, cafes and shops.

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