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    • /en/page/vodohranilishche-kapchagaj ...
    • Gosbank
    Kapchagai located in Almaty region of Kazakhstan This is one of the largest reservoirs of the republic the length of 180 kilometers It was created in 1960 to regulate the flow of the Ili River Reservoir and dam built  hydroelectric power water... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Beaches Kapchagai

    • /en/page/plyazhi-kapchagajskogo-vod ...
    • Ili
    Beaches Kapchagai located in Kazakhstan in Almaty region Today they are the most popular summer resorts among the inhabitants of the city of Almaty and region On the shores of the reservoir there are dozens of recreation centers some of which were... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Small Almaty River

    • /en/page/reka-malaya-almatinka
    • Kuygan
    Small Almaty river a large mountain river which originates in the ridges of Trans Ili Alatau Flows through the city of Almaty Kazakhstan's largest city Small Almaty river has a length of more than 125 kilometers is one of the biggest rivers in the... attractions, Natural Attractions
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