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    Kurta River

    Kurt is a river located in Almaty Oblast Kazakhstan It is the last left tributary of the Ili River Kurt originates on the northern slope of the Chu Ili mountains It is very shallow and is used to irrigate local fields Powered by rain   snow and

    Otrar Travel

    Рядом с Миялы

    Skating rink Medeo

    The ice rink Medeo record in size and location The entire sports complex is located at an altitude of over 1 600 meters above sea level and directly icy blade occupies 10 500 square meters Medeo was built in 1972 Is There  competitions are held

    Bust of Taras Shevchenko

    • 2.16 км
    Monument to the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko found at the intersection of Prospect Street and Shevchenko Dostyk in Almaty Bust of granite height of 3 5 meters created a group of Ukrainian sculptors headed by Vitaly made  Rozhik The

    TV Tower

    Almatsіnskaya Television and Radio Tower (TV Tower Koktobe ) is located in the south east of the center of Almaty on the slopes of Mount Kok Tobe TV Tower Koktobe is one of the most earthquake resistance seysmaўstoylіvasts tower is 10 points


    Unique cable car connects the center of Almaty city and Mount How Tube the starting point the station at Dostyk Avenue the upper station is located in the park Kok Tobe on the mountainside While lifting up the mountain about 6 minutes the length of

    Fountain on Mount Kok-Tobe

    Almaty rises over the Kok Tobe (Green Hill) mountain with televezhay and amusement park Something like Tbіlіskuyu Mtatsminda Fountain desires Alma first greets guests at Kok Tobe and there are always a lot of people Who simply enjoys his cool

    Ile-Alatau National Park

    Ile Alatau National Park covers an area of ​​nearly 200 hectares on the northern slope of the ridge Trans Ili Alatau (Tien Shan) at the altitude of 800 5000 meters National Park was established on the basis of the Almaty State otrstvennogo famous

    Aksay River

    Aksay river flows in Kazakhstan Right tributary of the river Kaskelen originates in the glaciers of the Trans Ili Alatau Length 70 km Shirina Valley Aksai 8 meters the average depth of 0 2 0 7 meters the largest 1 2 m The river and its tributaries
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